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Gold Prospecting in Tennessee! 

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Many GPAA Chapter Meetings will be at the Ruritan Club, here are the directions; 
On Hwy 68, heading south from Tellico Plains, go to Coker Creek. (about 10 miles or so) Where the post office and little shops are at, on the corner going to the left (towards doc rogers field) you take a right, instead... go about 1/4 mile, and you will see a school sitting back off the road on the left. That street going to the school, you will see a sign for the ruritan club. Turn left towards the school, and the ruritan club is the white building just before the school, on your right. We use the back section for our meetings.


Other meetings will be at our GPAA property along Hwy 68, 3.5 miles south of the Coker Creek welcome center, on the east side of the road. You will see our white sign with red writing, and green gold pan on it. 


I go out as many times a year as possible, and find gold.  Most of the gold in Tennessee is small flakes and specs, but there are also plenty of  larger flakes of gold, as well as pickers and gold nuggets.  

Here lately, I have not been able to go out due to heart problems.  It is just too far from medical help, should anything go wrong.

Since I can't get out to the woods any more, I have started working on my health.  I had a very hard time getting away from smoking, but with the use of the electronic cigarettes, I have been successful at not smoking anymore.  I have started a site about them, if you are interested in finding a better alternative to smoking.  The site is:  - sorry for the long name.. got it on ebay.  Hopefully the ads on that site will help get me out to go fishing more often. Time will tell.

The few ads I put on this site help keep this site on line. Ge kind and visit our sponsors links once in a while.  

I will try to put more information on prospecting for gold in Tennessee, and surrounding states on our site as time allows. Please bookmark the page, and check back often.

Some Basic info:
Pickers are pieces that are large enough that you can pick them out of your pan with your fingers.  Nuggets, are of course larger pieces that make a nice clunk in your pan if you drop them, on up to many ounces, or pounds if you are one of the lucky few in history.

Larger gold is more rare, but it is able to be found once you learn where to look, and you work hard at it.  Most of the gold in Tennessee, is along a 40 to 50 mile wide belt going through eastern most TN., from Georgia, North Carolina, on up towards Pigeon Forge and toward Virginia. 

On our site, we have helpful information for those that want to learn about prospecting, as well as seasoned prospectors.  We have several helpful articles, some for learning, and some just for fun.  Also, links to major prospecting sites, to help you meet up with others, if you want to find gold, but never tried it before.  It is hard work, but it is easier, and funner than you might think.  I will be adding more gold prospecting articles as time allows.

We do most of our gold prospecting in the Tellico Plains, Tn., area.  Coker Creek, Tellico river, Turkey Creek, and others.  This is the most abundant area in Tennessee that I have found, so my prospecting efforts are mostly in this area.  I do like going to new places like Georgia, North Carolina, and Alabama.  There is also good gold there.  

We like to hang onto a lot of what we find, in hopes that the price will skyrocket again.  Currently, gold is over $1,400 an ounce, but it is expected to surpass $1500 per ounce in the future.

That would really be nice to have a few ounces of gold, sitting back waiting for that day!
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